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What Determines the Frequency of Replacing the Insulation?

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What Determines the Frequency of Replacing the Insulation?

What Determines Frequency of Replacing the Insulation? | Attic Cleaning Huntington Beach, CA

While most homeowners understand that they have to replace the insulation in their home's attic every once in a while, most remain unsure as to how often this should be done and when they should have it replaced next. They are also unsure what factors affect those intervals. Here, you can find the most common factors that influence the period of time your insulation is expected to last and how often it should be replaced or renewed.

Professional Installation?

It always starts with the first installation. If your insulation was installed by professionals it will last longer in comparison to a job performed by amateurs. Actually, not just the period of time until replacement is due will be influenced by this factor, but also the integrity and effectiveness of the insulation are affected by the quality of the initial job.

Whether the Old Insulation was Removed Properly

When the insulation is being replaced, it is extremely important to remove any leftovers of the old materials, including glue traces or anything that can prevent the new layer from being properly placed. Same as the first installation, if it isn’t done properly not only will it last for a shorter period of time but it will also be less effective from day one.

The Quality of the Insulation Materials

It is not only important that professionals perform the job of installing the insulation, but the quality of the material they use is also very important to the durability of the protection you expect to receive. While high-quality materials last for a long time, cheap, low-quality ones will probably start to wear out sooner than you can imagine.

The Location and the Weather in the Area

The durability of the attic's insulation is also affected by what it will have to endure. Meaning, if there are very strong winds and rain is constantly pouring throughout most days of the year where you live, it will probably affect its durability which in turn means you'll have to replace it a bit more often.

The Insulation's Condition

This is more of a parameter to help you determine when it is time to replace the insulation rather than a parameter that affects its replacement frequency. The bottom line is that the time to replace the insulation is when its condition requires it, and not a moment after.


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