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Rodent Proofing

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Rodent Proofing

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Rats can be particularly frustrating once they’ve gotten inside because they can follow their own scent right back in to repeatedly return. We can help with this!

Expert Rat Control Services

Getting in control of a rat problem is important, because it can quickly spiral away from you thanks to how quickly they reproduce and how much damage they can cause. Gnawing on wood, chewing through cables which can cause a fire, and spreading diseases all come with rats in the home. Unfortunately, they can be a hassle to try to deal with on your own. That’s where we come in! We’ll assist you with years of experience and top-quality equipment so you can rest assured that you’ll be on top of the situation again in no time. We’ll help you determine where they’re getting in, close up any potential entrances, and determine what may be enticing them inside so you can deal with it appropriately.

Rat Removal Is Also Available

Using pesticides in the home to deal with rats can be extremely dangerous for more than just the rats! Pets are often at risk for being exposed to these toxins, and if enough of it is used in the home; your family may also be affected. Rather than risk this, let us take care of it far more easily and safely for everyone involved. We use traps to catch the rats alive and simply remove them rather than kill them and leave carcasses in your house.

Have Rodents In The Attic?

That’s not surprising, as it’s one of their most preferred spots to make themselves at home in. We can provide specialized services to take care of an infestation in the attic, including removing them with our ethical trapping method. Our team can also clean up afterward and decontaminate the area to prevent the spread of diseases.

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