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Our team of professionals can help you solve whatever problem you might have with your attic. If you have any questions, let’s say about cleaning or decontamination, check out our FAQs below.

Do you handle attic decontaminations?

Yes, we do! Our experts can take care of this service for you, and in fact it's far more advisable to have professionals do it, as it requires a special sterilizing spray that can be dangerous if not used properly. Along with that, it won't do you or your attic any good if the area isn't tended to carefully to make sure that every potential disease risk from pests is taken care of for good. We will handle the job quickly and safely.

Can you remove insulation?

Definitely! Our trained technicians are your best bet to make sure that the insulation is removed carefully and disposed of so that there's no risk of polluting your home's air with particles. This is particularly important if it's being removed due to damage, like water damage or rodents tearing into it. Mold or diseased waste from rodents makes the risk of contaminating the air even more worrisome, so a professional handling it all is certainly the best and safest option.

Do you perform attic cleaning commercially?

Yes! Our team is happy to take care of businesses who are in need of an attic cleaning to assure the health of their workers by keeping the air quality favorable. We understand not wanting to create much of a distraction to your workers, so we will get in and take care of it as quickly as possible without sacrificing a job well done. The dust and otherwise will be safely disposed of as well to avoid it polluting the air of the building.

What are the signs of mouse infestation?

Small and dark, randomly scattered droppings are a dead giveaway. Other signs include, but are not limited to: dark smudges around holes and along walls, a strong ammonia-like smell of their urine and scratching noises (especially at night time). In cases of heavy infestations, you may find urine pillars - small mounds made up of body grease, dirt and urine.


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