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If you need expert advice on attic cleaning, you can find it here - all ready and waiting! There are some excellent tips further down on this page, so feel free and take advantage of them.

Don't let dust take over your attic

While it may seem harmless up and out of sight, dust contributes to a number of issues around your home. It encourages pests in, mold growth, and can harshly lower the air quality of your home. If you or anyone living in your house have allergies, asthma, or any other types of breathing related troubles, it's all the more important to ensure that your attic is cleaned periodically to avoid any of those issues worsening over time to the point of being dangerous.

Inspect your crawl space for mold growth

Mold is an issue wherever it may be found, but it's very easy for it to cultivate in your crawl space where it's hard to be noticed. It will ruin your insulation, weaken the wood structures, and most importantly, it's spores can infect your home to cause health troubles. Use a flashlight, and ideally a face mask just in case, to look into the space for discolored green or brown spots, and there should be a mildew smell as well if it's present.

Do research on insulation types

There are many types of insulation able to be installed, so looking into the benefits and disadvantages of each to determine which best suits your needs is a good idea. Fiberglass is cheap, but cellulose is more green friendly. Spray foam insulation gives a more air tight seal and is the most resistant to fire and moisture but is more expensive than others. There's a lot to weigh with each, so taking the time to learn about them can help you make a solid choice.


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