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Signs Your Business Needs An Attic Cleaning

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Signs Your Business Needs An Attic Cleaning

When Your Business Needs An Attic Cleaning? | Attic Cleaning Huntington Beach, CA

Higher Energy Costs

Have you been noticing your business' energy bill steadily climbing over time, but aren't aware of any changes that might have caused it? If so, it may be time to get your attic checked out! Especially if it hasn't been cleaned in a while. Not only can this lead to damage to the insulation there which will allow air to escape, but the dust itself will be drawn into the ducts thanks to air circulation and create build ups. These clogs slow air flow for air conditioning, heating, and even ventilation, and the systems will have to run longer to properly distribute the air and keep things stable. You'll be losing energy and money unnecessarily in the process.

Signs Of Poor Employee Health

Along with slowing down air flow, the dust from the attic that gets pulled into ducts will also pollute the air in the process, thus lowering the quality. If you've noticed or had complaints from employees about feeling fatigued, aggravated allergy symptoms like watery eyes and itchy noses, or even far more negative side effects to those with breathing issues, this all points to there being a problem with the air. This will undoubtedly affect productivity as they deal with these various troubles and is certainly a signal that a cleaning is in order.

Layers Of Dust And Debris

It's rather obvious, but still important! If maintenance workers or otherwise go into the attic and note that there's a lot of dust and debris, as well as perhaps rodent droppings, then a cleaning is definitely needed! Aside from the aforementioned troubles, a dirty attic also encourages pests to make themselves at home. They can destroy property which includes insulation to use for nesting, and their waste both smells and spreads diseases. Mold may also begin to grow in these environments, which also damages the area and can spread easily through the rest of the building if left unchecked. Rodent waste and mildew will smell badly and cause distractions, and the spores are dangerous if inhaled. So, for the safety of the building itself as well as everyone inside of it, a cleaning is a great step to ensuring both of these things.


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